Android App Development


While iOS apps area unit famed for his or her style, mechanical man is comparatively less mature during this side. several designers are avoiding it and multiple screen sizes create it tougher. this implies that a good style had abundant higher possibilities to square out.
Techumans is usually committed to planning partaking, enjoyable, intuitive user interfaces and experiences across multiple platforms. Our team of UI consultants applies latest style patterns and user interaction ways to builds that may stand move into the market and attract attention.
At Techumans, we all know however vital it's for you to succeed in the correct audience, and our UI specialists have many expertise in building for robot devices.

Android Fragmentation

The fragmentation of mechanical man OS is one in all it’s most distinctive options, and it needs coming up with and developing mobile applications for varied screen resolutions, processor capabilities and software system versions. presently six totally different versions cowl ninety eight of the mechanical man user base
Our internal control team takes fragmentation terribly seriously and so as to realize seamless performance across all devices, we have a tendency to maximize testing for all obtainable screen sizes, devices and mechanical man operational systems.
In addition to the present, Google is presently taking some serious steps towards defragmenting the market.